2020-2021 Competitions

Competition subject guidelines


1. Open 

    Any subject, colour or monochrome.

    (Monochrome is a photograph executed              in black and white or in varying tones of              only one colour)

2. Open 

    Any subject, two sections, colour and                  monochrome.

3. Subtle humour

    Any subject that will raise a titter! Colour            or monochrome.

4. Landscape with a story

    A subject which tells a story, against the              background of a largely natural                          landscape. (This was changed to be                    simply 'Landscape', without the                          story, but again, a largely                                  natural landscape)

5. From my house

    Any subject, but must be taken from your            house or garden.

6. Leading lines

    1. The subject matter of an image e.g.                Pylons in a sky-scape, or perhaps the                  more natural, irregular lines found                      in bare branches.

    2. Using Leading Lines to lead the eye of            the viewer around the composition e.g.               The line of a pathway leading the eye into            the focal point of the composition.

7. Winter in Argyll    

    Any subject with a feel of winter which is            demonstrably in Argyll.                                     



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